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Good Shepherd Convent was started in 1924. It was registered on 27th June 1959 amended and approved on February 11th 2009 by the Tamil Nadu Registrar of Societies. The Society number is 55/1959. It is organized and managed by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd to cater to the Educational, Social, Charitable, Philanthropic activities. We continue to support and administer Social Service activities both residential and non residential and provide facilities and training to girls and women in personal, social and family difficulties.

Educational Service

The educational service has completed 89 years and many appreciate the valuable services rendered to the students. It was possible through our committed staff and support of well-wishers. There are 2410 students, 76 teaching and 39 Non teaching staff in the school.


The academic year began with the parent teacher seminar. The resource persons enriched the parents and teachers with valuable tips on Good Parenting. A Seminar conducted on ‘Different Touches’ enhanced the mental and social development of the students.

Holistic approach:

Different teaching methods were used to gain the active participation of the children. Audio visual learning helped to gain the attention of the children. Academic excellence through interactive sessions, Cambridge English Learning, Music, dance, yoga, karate and Physical training improved the vocabulary, communication skill and physical fitness of children in body and mind.

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Growth of students:

Development of Talent and writing skills, camps for classes VI, VII and VIII , career guidance programme for students of Std. X and XII enhanced their self worth and developed a sense of confidence. Five of our students participated in the ‘Teen of the Year’ competition conducted by Teenager Magazine for the Chennai Zone and one of them was selected to participate at the National level competition conducted in Mumbai. Assessments and Open days were conducted at the end of every term which enabled the teachers and the parents to monitor the progress of their children.


Through Sports Day the spirit of sportsmanship is inculcated in the children from a very tender age. Children proudly displayed the creativity of their mind and hands through the art & Craft Exhibition. Ramzan, Foundress day, Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Diwali, Christmas, Pongal, Republic Day & Farewell were celebrated through various cultural activities.

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Art & Craft

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Independence Day

Charitable activities :

Sampoorna, our school’s outreach programme has been an integral part of this academic year. The students of Std XI went regularly for their community service to Little Flower School for the Blind and to St. Antony’s School. Students of Std. IX visited the Juvenile home and interacted with the girls. All the other classes visited Jeevodaya Hospice for Cancer patients. Students of Std IX visited Spastic Society and interacted with mentally challenged children. Our students also visited other institutions like Aruwe, Prathiyasha, Prema vasam, Good Life Centre which are caring for the orphans and differently able children and the elderly. Unused papers were collected and given to the children of Arunodhyam who use it to make note books

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This year, many students and teachers have been given the opportunity to scribe for the Public Exams for differently able students from various schools and colleges. Our school also organized Adventure camp for the children from Mottukal and nearby areas.Our students along with teachers visited 10 nearby slums as well as few institutions in Chennai to invite the children for Santa 2014, a Christmas programme. The 800 children included mentally and physically challenged, orphans and HIV affected. They had a fun filled evening with cultural programme and games. Each child went home with a Christmas gift. SANTA 2014 was indeed a grand success.

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74 students went to Mulakalapally in Andhrapradesh for a two day rural outreach and learning programme. They visited the nearby tribal villages and distributed 300 solar lanterns and helped the people to fence the school which is a hut. They also helped them in making bricks. Some of our children visited the school in Karjat, Maharashtra and conducted an activity camp with the help of J Team. These exposures made the students learn, to show concern, to adjust and understand the needs of others, to recognize God’s blessings in their lives and to be more sensitive to the less fortunate children. They in turn shared their experiences with the rest of the students and motivated them to participate in reaching out to the less privileged children.



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Shelter home for street and disadvantaged children and girls) Mottukal is a centre through which we work towards an integrated and comprehensive development of the vulnerable children and to ensure an atmosphere of equality by creating opportunities to let them grow as healthy and happy citizens through education and life skill training. Mottukal has two wings namely, a shelter home for Girl Children and Community Development Program. It is committed to serve the vulnerable, underprivileged, distressed girls without family protection and in abusive situation through residential care. Mottukal also has a community development program in 12 slums of Chennai city. A Street contact program aimed at assisting girls who are on the street along with their families. There are 5 Staff working in Mottukkal for the welfare of these children. 42 children benefited during this year. They are in different schools continuing their education.

Children’s admission at Mottukal : Children are referred through Social NGO’s, Police, socially committed individuals. Most of the children are orphans, semi orphans, destitute/poor, physically and sexually abused children and from broken families.

Activities : Shelter care, Shelter referral, Hostel Placement and Home placement

Programmes: Formal education, School visit, Family visit, Celebrations like Birthday of children, National Girl Child Day, Deepavali, Pongal, Christmas, Child Labour and Child Rights Day. Counseling, Extra Curricular activities like Karate, Yoga, Meditation, Music, games and Recreation.

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Health care: The children have their individual health records. Regular and periodical health check-up are carried out for the overall welfare of the children and healthy food is provided to them.

Summer Camp: During the summer holidays a one week camp was organized for all the children. In the camp children were taught how to keep discipline, the value of personal hygiene, awareness on Trafficking and Sex education. They were taken for a picnic to Kishkintha.

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MARIAN HOME (Vocational Training Center for School Dropout Girls) It is a residential home for the care of the young girls and women between the age of 16 - 25 who are school drop outs or with emotional and behavioral problems. This year 18 girls have benefited through this vocational training centre. There are 9 staff working in Marian Home

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Programmes conducted:

  • • Reading, writing and spoken English
  • • Health and hygiene, family life and child rearing
  • • Home management and first aid
  • • Skills in cutting, tailoring and embroidery, cooking, gardening and house keeping
  • • Cultural programmes to develop their talents
  • • Character formation
  • • Picnics and outings
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18 girls were trained among whom 4 girls went back to their families. 3 girls got jobs and became self reliant. Sonia, a destitute woman was settled in marriage in Dindigul. The other girls continue to learn and earn.


Residence for low income working girls and students

Roshini Nivas is a low income working women’s hostel and open for college students too. It provides shelter, food and a conducive atmosphere for their comfort and wellbeing. Through personnel care, guidance and counseling we inculcate good values. The working girls continue their studies through correspondence. 96 girls have benefited. There are 5 women staff who see to the upkeep and smooth running of the hostel

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A major repair and renovation was done during this year.

Regular meetings were conducted.

Awareness programme on relevant topics were organized.

Hostel day and Christmas day were celebrated.

Advancement of Education

Good Shepherd Convent – Chennai

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We are working in 12 slums and have formed different groups like children’s club, women’s groups and youth groups. We have tuition centers in all these slums where children come regularly and they get help in their studies and they are motivated to participate in extracurricular activities for their enhancement. Families from these slums benefited through supplementary education, school enrolment, note book distribution, parents meeting, health education, medical camp, vocational Training, job placement and Celebrations. There are 10 staff working for the development of 737 children and their families of different slums.

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Good Shepherd Convent-Salem

In Salem we work mainly with women and children who are affected by poverty, illiteracy, bonded labour, child labour, child abuse and child marriage. Our activities include education of children, eradication of child labor and capacity building of women and children.

Visiting of the Villages:- Daily visits to the families encourage the parents to send their children to school.

Coaching Classes:

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About 400 children are helped daily through the 14 evening coaching centres in different villages. Value education is given for them and their parents in different areas. Counseling is also provided when needed. Children are encouraged to save whenever they get pocket money from their parents and relatives. During the year they are given training in various aspects, like leadership, career guidance, yoga, nutrition, health and hygiene. Health care is provided through medical camps and follow up treatment is given for children and their families.

Skill training in Tailoring:

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The Needle - Work Centre at Good Shepherd Convent Salem caters for girls especially, school dropouts and others from low income groups. During this year 48 young girls and women have learnt tailoring and have equipped themselves for alternative income. We have given tailoring machines to two deserving students. They are also given value based classes in health and hygiene.


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Children’s Day

It was a very joyful day for our children, parents, staff and the 30 elderly people who enjoyed with all their friends, staff and Sisters. The celebrations ended with the sharing of a grand Christmas lunch where all enjoyed immensely.

International Women’s Day

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Good Shepherd Convent - Simon Colony

This is a new initiative of our society. We have taken up educational (coaching centres ) and health care activities

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Two of our sisters are working in the school. During the year we have started music, Karate and Yoga classes. Various competitions and celebrations were conducted for the children

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Medical assistance

Patients were treated for the minor illnesses. Health checkup was done for the patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Health educations were imparted. Counseling was also done for the Alcoholics. Patients with major illnesses were referred to the specialty hospitals.


The Governing Body meeting was held four times during the year to discuss and make the necessary resolutions. To mention a few important activities such as

  • Repair and renovation works in different units were done – Mottukkal, Marian Home and Roshni Nivas.
  • Financial support was given for Good Shepherd Convent (Bombay) Society to support vulnerable women and children.
  • Maintenance of campus was done.
  • Up-gradation was done in the schools and homes
  • Initiated an extension service in Simon Colony, Kanyakumari Dt. Tamil Nadu.

We are grateful to our stakeholders, staff, benefactors and well wishers who collaborate with us in continuing our mission and implementing our programmes thus fulfilling the aims and objectives of the Society.

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