Welcome to Good Shepherd Convent Chennai



Our spirituality emphasizes the immense love of Jesus the Good Shepherd for each individual person. This central point of the spirituality of our Foundress, St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, was built upon the spirituality of St. John Eudes; for St. Mary Euphrasia the infinite, merciful love of God for each of us was best expressed in the image of Jesus as Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd leaves behind the 99 sheep to bring back the ONE that is lost. To be a Good Shepherd in today’s world is to seek out those who are excluded by the society. The Sisters of the Good Shepherd strive to reach out with a heart of Jesus the Good Shepherd, always mindful of the philosophy of St. Mary Euphrasia , “One person is more precious than the whole world.”

“I had no great talents, nor have I done anything great…I only loved. But I loved with all the strength of my soul…” said St. Mary Euphrasia Pellitier.


Be a presence of Jesus the Good Shepherd by :-

  • • Approaching and accepting every person as Jesus did with compassion, gentleness and respect.
  • • Awakening in those wounded by life’s circumstances, a deep sense of their infinite worth and dignity as persons and instilling in them a hope for the future.
  • • Bringing the liberated love of Jesus the Good Shepherd to others through prayer.
  • • Witnessing the power of God’s mercy by being united with all people in their need for reconciliation.
  • • Serving others in the context of the family and society in which they live. Our specific focus is towards girls and women.

“Oh, my God! What are we doing in this world? Why are we here if not to contribute to the salvation of our neighbour?” lamented Sr.Mary Euphrasia Pellieter.

Our Service to the wounded

Our service traditionally and currently is particularly with women and girl children who have been wounded by life’s circumstances and live on the edge of our society. We accompany those who are in need and also network with other groups to change unjust structures in the society.

The apostolic Sisters of the Good Shepherd minister to different people:-

  • • Youth in crisis
  • • Single mothers
  • • Abused women and children
  • • Women who are victims of trafficking
  • • Families in conflict
  • • Prisoners
  • • Women in sex industry

Through educational and rehabilitation centers, orphanages, hostels, outreach programmes, crisis intervention centers and nursing care.