Welcome to Good Shepherd Convent Chennai


The outreach programme too needs strategic review and renewal. The programme which initially started to prevent possible runaways and motivate children to get education has slowly saturated with “NGO syndrome” of usual house visits, meetings, awareness etc. The activities should be purpose driven and result-oriented. The future should be based on a systematic analysis of the situation and developing appropriate strategies/approach which should also complement the main purpose of addressing the issue of girl child trafficking. 3.3. Visibility to the social units of Chennai community

The Chennai community is predominantly known by its school and less by the other social action units. While this was not an intention in the past, there is a need in future for conscious efforts to increase the visibility of Marian Home and Mottukkal. The following points could be considered;

  • • Generate awareness among parents and children of the school on the purpose of these institutions
  • • Conduct joint programmes with the school involving children, teachers and parents
  • • Networking with other NGOs and similar institutions will increase the scope of visibility
  • • Producing IEC material and distributing among parents and general public
  • • Collaboration with old staff in spreading the message
  • • Organise exchange programme between Government institutions and other NGOs