Welcome to Good Shepherd Convent Chennai

Good Shepherd Convent Chennai

We believe that the renovation of the building is an outward sign of inward journey that would strengthen our commitment to His calling to serve him.

The Chennai Convent Building was leaking for many years and there were lot of cracks everywhere and the Sisters felt the need for having a major renovation of the building. Therefore the request was sent to the Province Leadership Team and the permission for the same was granted in January 2016.

As a first step the community decided to form a committee who will look in to the matter and the team was comprised of Sr. Maria Rose, Sr. Annie Thomas, Sr. Susanna, Sr. Nirmala Daniel, Mr. Benjamin the Province building consultant and Mr. Kamalakkannan the contractor. The work began in the month of March and every fifteen days the committee met to evaluate the progress of the work. And it took six months to wind up the work and on 10th September 2016 the solemn blessing of the renovated convent building and the newly built grotto was held.

This dream has become a reality because of the enormous co-operation, adjustments and the sacrifices the community sisters were able to make. It was also a time of grace and blessings where we experienced His protection and His providential care watching over us. We thank the Lord for taking us through the ups and downs of this taxing time and bringing us to this day of joy with a sense of accomplishment.

It was the timely planning, team work and the continuous supervision that enabled us to execute the day to day requirements of the work. We sought the help of the Lord at every juncture of this endeavour and prayed everyday for the safety of those who were at work. We thank the Almighty for His timely interventions and assistance that we experienced through various persons who laboured day and night in order to reach its culmination.

The benefactors, well – wishers of our community, Mission Partners and neighbouring religious sisters, brothers and priests were invited for the blessing of the convent. There were about 250 of them present for this solemn function. We pray that our lives be a reflection of His merciful and compassionate love and that we allow His grace flow to all those who enter our house.