Welcome to Good Shepherd Convent Chennai


In the year 1995, a mandate was given to initiate the process towards restructuring. For three years, a discernment process was initiated in the Province, gathering the opinions, suggestions and reflections of every Sister. The then Provincial Leadership Team, Sr.Sabina Pathrose and her council formulated the role of Provincial and her team, the Sector co-ordinator and her team. This was studied by the Sisters in the community.

In the year 2001, the triplets were officially born. Sr.Lilianne, the former Congregational Leader was present resulting in the birth of three sectors namely Karnataka/Kerala (K.K. Sector) Tamil Nadu/Andhra Pradesh (T.A. Sector) and Maharashtra/Madhya Pradesh (M.M. Sector) Sr.Bridget Paily and her team nurtured the triplets.

In 2007, another mandate was given to Sr.Maria Rose and her team to form either two or three Provinces (Administrative set up).

After much reflection and dialogue, we formed into Two Provinces namely South West India and Central East India/ Nepal. With this formation, a single administrative system gave way to two administrative systems in November 2013. Chennai belongs to the Central East India/Nepal administration located at Nagpur, Maharashtra.

First Province Leadership Team of Province of Central East India/Nepal along with CLT